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Vince Northcutt was born in Charleston, SC, in May 1977. His parents, J. Charles Northcutt and Lara S. Northcutt, were high school sweethearts who met while attending Moultrie High School in Mount Pleasant, SC. Vince is named in honor of his father’s best friend, the late D. Vincent Adams, who lost his life in a motor vehicle accident that also nearly took the life of Vince’s father.

Vince graduated from Wando High School in the spring of 1995. While at Wando, Vince was the only member of his class to be elected to student government for all four years of high school, thanks in large part to the guidance he received from a beloved senior on the football team who took Vince under his wing during Vince’s freshman year.

That senior, Everette German, would go on to become the Voice of the College of Charleston Cougars. However, in what was Everette’s best turning of a phrase, he advised the then fourteen-year-old Vince to simply stand before his over three hundred classmates assembled in the Wando Gymnasium and utter one simple line – “Don’t Take the Shortcut, Vote for Northcutt.” Amazingly enough, that worked.

8 Platform Planks/Policy Goals

I attended South Carolina public schools from kindergarten through my third and final year of law school, and my mother who spent over three decades in public education. As such, I consider myself a proud product of our public schools in South Carolina.

I have also spent the last two decades collaborating with school districts on their workers’ compensation claims, and this has given me invaluable insight into the challenges facing our teachers in South Carolina. The injuries often caused by the lack of discipline in our public schools would shock the average person.

I also believe strongly that the public schools of the 40th District should not be required to suffer lost revenue or lose the ability to compete just because they do not want to play charter schools who have infinitely more resources and the ability to spend more time preparing their student-athletes for competition during what would be time allocated to classroom instruction at Newberry High School, Mid-Carolina High School, and Whitmire Community School.

I look forward to meeting with stakeholders in our public education system to learn more about how to help all our children have best chance to succeed.

The 40TH District is a wonderful place to raise a family and pursue the American Dream, and we need to do everything we can to keep it that way.

That includes making sure that our local law enforcement officers and first responders have the financial support and logistical support they require.

South Carolina is presently one of the ten fastest-growing states in the United States of America. When I started high school back in 1991, we had about 3.5 million residents. By the turn of the century, we were at a little over 4 million residents. We are now at 5.1 million residents and counting.

In addition to gaining residents, South Carolina is getting younger as a state. In fact, approximately 21.5% of our population is age 18 or younger.

South Carolina must now meet the two-pronged challenge of making up for past neglect while also adjusting in real-time to account for the massive post-pandemic migration that we are presently experiencing.

If elected, I will take all reasonable steps to help us meet this challenge.

Most fair-minded South Carolinians should be able to agree that commercial establishments that serve alcoholic beverages have a responsibility to the public to ensure that they do not continue to serve their clearly intoxicated patrons and that they take reasonable efforts to prevent their clearly intoxicated patrons from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

However, and despite whatever good intentions may have motivated the General Assembly to pass S.C. Code Section 61-2-145 back in 2017; I would argue that an equally sizable majority of South Carolinians would agree that the situation facing South Carolina’s bars, restaurants, live music venues, and even VFW Posts is untenable.

I have a proven track record of bringing all the necessary stakeholders together to deal with a similarly tough issue related to our workers’ compensation system in South Carolina in South Carolina, and I have even written legislation dealing with that issue. Therefore, I am optimistic that we can collectively find a solution to this issue.

Having practiced previously at a fairly large law firm with offices in Georgia and Alabama, I know from firsthand experience that South Carolina does not need to move to a system whereby we popularly elect our judges.

However, it is clear that major changes are needed to the composition of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (“JMSC”), as well as the process by which members of the JMSC are selected. In the weeks ahead, I will be presenting my proposed bill on reforming the JMSC. Please give it your consideration once presented.

The 40th District is blessed with some of the most abundant natural resources found anywhere in South Carolina.

If elected, I will support and advance economic and environmental policies that make certain that the 40th District remains a leader in the production of poultry, timber, beef cattle, pulpwood and eggs going forward.

I will also spend the months leading up to the June 11th Primary meeting with and talking to as many folks in these industries as possible to make certain that I am ready to work on these issues from day one.

The unmitigated disaster that was the failed attempt to add two additional reactors to the V.C. Summer Nuclear Station in Fairfield County hit the residents of the 40th District particularly hard, including many of our local business owners and skilled craftsmen.

Unfortunately, the damage caused by this failure was not limited to the unacceptable misuse of taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ money. Rather, it has also left South Carolina, which is a rapidly industrializing and growing state, with a giant hole in our energy generation and transmission capacity going forward.

If elected, I will be an enthusiastic supporter of all Speaker Smith’s efforts to address this coming crisis and make certain that ratepayers and business owners in South Carolina have access to reasonably priced and reliable electric power with an emphasis on using natural gas to generate additional power until advanced small modular reactors (SMRs) can be utilized to add to our production capacity.

An issue that has brought to my attention time and time again by members of our critically important agricultural and forestry communities here in Newberry County is the need for the County, in partnership with the State, the Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District, local businesses, and other stakeholders, to secure a parcel of land and erect a new and state of the art Newberry County Fairgrounds.

Newberry County takes a backseat to no other County in South Carolina when it comes to productivity and ingenuity of our farmers and foresters, and Newberry County needs and deserves a venue where we all can gather to celebrate and promote their efforts.

I am in active discussions with multiple representatives from local governments in the area, State officials, and the Newberry Soil and Water Conservation District to discuss how to make this vision a reality. If elected, I will continue to spearhead these efforts at the State level and do my best to deliver something that everyone in Newberry County can enjoy for generations to come.

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If you live in the 40TH District, Vince will welcome and be humbly gratified by your support. Please consider supporting Vince Northcutt for SC House District 40 in the June 11, 2024, GOP Primary!

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